Monday, March 30, 2015

~table turned dog kennel~

If you are a dog lover like me, you like to make comfy little spots for your pets to sleep.
One of our labs sleeps peacefully on a bed in our room, but the other is a puppy and he would be running laps around the house and chewing everything up if we let him be on the loose at night.
So, at night time, he goes into his crate.
You know, those black wire ones that you can bring in your car, etc.
Well, lets just say after a year I was tired of looking at the metal dog crate in our living room and decided to finally do something about it.

Here is how I turned our console table into a little dog kennel for the puppy.
I removed the door from the wire crate and attached it to one end of the table.
My husband rigged up a latch to keep it shut.

Then, in order to avoid the back of our couch getting dirty, and also from Oakley sticking his tongue in the electrical outlet, I nailed up 1x8 pieces of pine on the other 3 sides.

It's the perfect size for him and he loves it!

After I finished I remembered that I had ordered this name tag from Pottery Barn, 
{no longer available}
and was able to use some strong adhesive glue to add it to the front.

The best part, you would never even know it's there!

I love functional practical ideas!

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