Monday, September 30, 2013

~how to make a seed packet pallet wood sign~

Today I want to show you how to make a sign from old pallet wood. Of course,
you don't have to use pallet wood, any kind will do.

Start by deciding what size you want your sign to be. I just laid a few pieces together to get a width I liked.

Then I cut them all the same length.

Turn your piece so that the roughest side is facing you. This will
be the back. Cut random pieces of scrap wood and using a nail gun or screw gun, attach
them to the pallet wood. This will hold it all together.

When it is all attached together, you are ready to make your pattern.
Find a vintage seed packet image and print it out.
Take it to your local copy center and enlarge it. You can
use the oversize printer, which I usually do, or piece it together.
When I went to enlarge mine, the oversized printer was in use, so I pieced mine
together. Either way works.

Turn your pattern over and scribble with a pencil all over the back. You
really only need to cover the part with the image.

Once that is done, place your pattern back on the wood and tape it in place.
Using a ballpoint pen, trace over the outlines of the image.

After you have completely traced over everything, you can remove the paper.
Then, using a fine brush and a variety of paints, fill in where the pencil transferred.

That's it! When it's dry, hang it in your favorite spot!

Let me know what you end up creating! I love to hear from you!

Friday, September 27, 2013

~the best hot apple cider recipe~{& a winner}

Hot. Apple. Cider.
Don't those words just scream fall?
It's one of my favorite drinks to sip on this
time of year, and do I have the recipe for you!
This is so good that you may be wanting my number
so you can call me and thank me! But really, it is that good.

If you want to kick it up a notch, add 1/4 cup of Captain Morgan's spiced rum.
Now, go pin this recipe so everyone can make it!

The winner of the Printstagram recipe is Lisa from here!


Thursday, September 26, 2013

~thrifty thursday~{make a column lamp}

A few weeks ago I visited a friend at a new house she just purchased.
When I was done with the incredible tour, I walked back outside to my car.
There in front of me was a trailer full of junk ready to go to the dump!
So, what did I do?
I asked her if I could rummage through it!
I got a ton of cool things and a couple of those items was some
great chippy white wood columns.

I took them home,
and here is what I made with them!

I made 2, but sold one. Anyway, here
is the steps I used to create this floor lamp:

My column:

These lamp parts, all from Home Depot:

Check out this gorgeous chippy paint!

I also had a few misc. other parts, but I will get to that shortly.
I needed a piece for the top, so I cut a piece of 1x8 pine in a square,
then to find the center {where my lamp parts will go} I made an X with my pencil:

The piece it is sitting on is my base. I had this piece from something else,
but you could also use a square piece of wood.

Next, you want to drill a hole in the center, making sure it is the appropriate size for your lamp kit fittings:

Put your lamp kit parts together, following the instructions on the package.
Here is the top:

And the underside:

Next, I painted the whole thing to match the chippy column. First, I spray painted it all white:

After that was dry, I used a combination of different colored paints, glazes, and waxes to get the look I wanted:

While that paint was drying I notched out a spot at the base of the column for the cord to exit:

For this I used a jigsaw and a chisel to cut away the wood piece, which I had drawn on with pencil.

The next step is just to put it all together. Place your "top" on, the piece of wood you distressed with the lamp kit.
Make sure your cord is running down the center of your column and comes out the hole you notched out in the bottom.
If your cord isn't long enough you can add an extension cord at this point.
I attached the top piece with my nail gun.
Then place the whole column works on top of your base, again, make sure the cord is out before you attach it. Again, I used a nail gun.
Oh, one quick note-test out your lamp to make sure it works before you nail the whole piece together!

And here you have it!

This was my first time ever making lamps and I thought it was actually fairly easy!
I hope I have inspired you to create something out of junk!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

~dining outdoors on crisp fall evenings~

It's been raining here, raining a lot. But a few days ago
we had one of those perfect fall evenings, where there was a little chill in the air,
but it was still warm enough to sit outside and eat dinner.
So I set the table up with lots of pumpkins,and simple white pumpkin plates
I got at Pottery Barn years ago.

I had log rounds I used as chargers and simple mason jars as glasses. For napkins I used plain
white flour sack towels. I threw a few branches in a clear vase and called it done!

I made the place cards out of card stock and ran them through my printer with an initial. Then I simply cut them and folded them.
Do you enjoy eating outdoors in the fall?


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

~healthy stuffed squash recipe~

This is by far one of my favorite fall dinners.
It's super good and filled with protein and nutrients!

I like to serve this with a rustic bread and a pear and gorgonzola salad.



Monday, September 23, 2013

~printstagram with instagram~ {giveaway}

Most of you know I love my instagram!
Instagram is just such a easy quick way to
share updates in photos with friends far and near.
I have also shared how I love getting my instagram photos printed!
Printstagram is a online company that will print any of your photos
from your instagram account into little squares. {or
big squares}

There is so many ways you can display your photos.
I have seen people hang them by twine and clothespins,
make a collage wall, or even turn them into coasters.
We have a big bowl on our coffee table, and every time I get a
bunch of my pictures printed, they go right into this bowl.
It makes a fun thing to have laying around. You can, at anytime,
sift through the photos
to bring back memories. Guests can also rummage through
them. I think it's just a fun idea.

So, today, you have the chance to win a $50.00 credit
towards anything your heart desires on Prinstagram.

Check out their various products.
If you don't have your email address
clearly displayed on your page, please leave it in the comments section.
I will pick a random winner and announce back here on Friday!

Good luck!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

~cream of vegetable soup recipe~{eat your veggies}

Isn't fall the best time for soup?
Today I have a super healthy recipe with 16 vegetables in it.

Here is a list of the vegetables, but you can omit or add too.

Basically you just wash and cut your vegetables, then cook them in water.
After they have cooled, run them {in batches} through your food processor or blender.
You will be left with a thick concoction. You can freeze extras for future use.
Then, when you are ready to serve, thaw and cook over low with your choice of liquid.
I used milk, but for a richer soup you could use cream,
you could use broth, or dare I say, a little bacon grease?
I sprinkled parmesan cheese on top of mine.


Friday, September 20, 2013

~sources from our home tour & a winner~

Thank you all for the wonderful comments on our home. Like I said, fall is my favorite time of year, so I especially like decorating for it!
I wanted to share with you a few sources, so here we go. If I've skipped over anything, please let me know!

First up, lets start with the living room:
This pillow is on sale!

This little fur one is so soft:

Speaking of fur, I couldn't be more in love with this blanket:

Another soft blanket I have on the couch is this herringbone throw.
I got it after it was used in a Country Living photo shoot I helped style.
I just couldn't resist.

Back to the pillows. This one is a screaming deal:

As are these:

On the coffee table I have this urn and these pumpkins. Love, love, love them both:

Moving onto the dining room:

This science poster is off the charts cool!

The lazy susan wine barrel server I made, and you can see the tutorial here.

I also made the "bar" You can see that here.

The books in my hutch can be found here in my etsy shop.

The dining chairs are a combination of these {in the weathered oak finish} and these:

And finally, the kitchen. The wine bottle dryer I got on ebay. It's a authentic French antique. However, I do have a smaller one that I take from room to room, including outdoors that I love. You can find it here.

I love mixing up all the mugs.
These mugs are fun colors:

I love my monogram mugs!

And I love these almost as much.

I made this sign:

Above my computer desk I have 2 orange frames. They are made by me and can be found in my etsy shop.

I finally got the cow head I've been wanting off Decor Steals.

Don't forget to visit the rest of the houses on this tour! Today is The Handmade Home, All Things Heart & Home In my Own Style and finally, Better Homes And Gardens!

And Now the winner of the >b>Mama Picture This giveaway is.....


Congrats! Be on the lookout for an email from me!

Have a great Friday friends!