Thursday, September 12, 2013

~Thrifty Thursday~{and a full house tour, & etsy open}

While antiquing with friends a few days ago, I came across these gorgeous antlers mounted to silver platters.
They were stunning, so was the price tag~$450.00!

Here is the scoop on how I made them, and how you can too, and save yourself mucho bucks!

Start with a silver plate platter, plate, or charger. I got mine at my local thrift shop. $5.99 for one, and $3.99 for the other.

Usually they will need some silver polish to remove the tarnish.
You will also need a set of antlers, real or faux. I used both. The ones
below are real and I paid $30.00 for them.

Position the antlers on the plate or platter in the direction you wish to hang. Once you figure out the placement
that looks best, use a drill with a good sharp drill bit to drill a hole.

For this particular one, I hunted around my husbands garage and came up with a bolt, washer, and nut to attach to the back. I tightened it up and it was ready to go.
I left the tag on the antlers because I thought it gave it character!

I also had a set of faux antlers on hand. For this one, I got a wooden plaque from Michaels craft store and painted it cream.
{it came primed white}

Then I attached the antlers using liquid nails.
I attached the whole thing with one screw to the platter and called it done!

And a side by side of the 2 finished pieces:

In other news, I am totally honored to be featured over on Hooked On Houses today!!!
Click here for a full house tour!

Also, my etsy shop is open again! Go check it out here!


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