Thursday, November 14, 2013

~thrifty thursday~ {an Ikea hack}

Today's project started out with this botanical print from Ikea.
I bought it over a year ago, but never had the wall space for it. I finally decided I needed to do something with it, so I
set out to make a smaller wall hanging.

So I cut it down to around 17" x 27" and then painted it with chalkboard paint.

I was really bad about photographing this project, so bear with me. While the paint was
drying I cut down two strips of wood that I had laying around. Any kind will do, painted,
or not painted. Each piece measures approx. 19" x 2"

Next, using a staple gun, I attached the wood to the backside of the canvas.
Then I added a piece of jute twine with the staple gun to the top wood piece.
You could use ribbon, or whatever you prefer.

Next, "season" your chalkboard, meaning rub chalk all over it, then dry erase.

Then you get to get creative! Add a message, a picture, a menu, a honey do list………

I like that this is so versatile. It can change easily seasonally, for birthdays, etc.
The Ikea chart is also big enough to make 2, maybe 3 of these, so you can give some as gifts too!


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