Thursday, November 7, 2013

~thrifty thursday~{ tart pan ornaments }

This project started with something meant for cooking~tart pans.
These cute little tins come in all shapes and sizes.

Here are the supplies needed:
a hammer, a piece of wood, a alphabet metal stamping kit,
tart pans, a fine point black sharpie, a nail, twine,
and rub n buff in your choice of color. {not pictured}

Basically all you do is flatten each tart pan with the hammer on your chunk of wood to
protect your work surface. Using the nail, "punch" a hole in the top for the twine.
Next, hammer in your letters spelling out whatever words you would like.
I think names on these would be cute. You could use them as gift toppers.

Once you have done all that, tie some twine or jute or ribbon to the top to hang.
Then using your sharpie, fill in the letters so they stand out.
I also finished mine off with a combo of black and gold rub n buff to age them a bit.
Here they are all done!

Easy as pie!


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