Friday, June 26, 2015

~tic tac toe diy~{thrifty thursday a day late}

My friends over at The Handmade Home made a  fabulous patriotic tic tac toe board.
So fabulous.
Everything they do is fabulous.
Just. Fabulous.
Anyway, you can check it out here.
They cut each star and circle themselves.
That's really time consuming.
I decided I wanted to make one with less time involved.
So here is my version which I am calling the lazy mans tic tac toe board.

I started out in search of a square wood tray to use but couldn't find one anywhere.
Then I stumbled upon this shadowbox frame at the craft store and voila!
It was on sale as well, so that was a bonus.
The craft store I was at didn't have cutout wooden stars and circles, so I improvised and used these paper mache ones.

For the bottom I used a piece of MDF cut to size.
For the dividers I simply cut up some 1x2 pieces of cedar I had.

I painted everything individually before putting it together.
It was way easier this way.

Once everything was assembled I spackled all the nail holes and edges.

After the spackle was dry I sanded it down, this gave it a distressed look as well.

To finish it off I added additional 1x2's cut on  45 degree angles around the outside edge, and then added a bottom piece using MDF.

I used "antique gold" by Delta Ceramcoat on the stars….

And Behr Oarsman Blue on the circles.
Then I striped them with warm white by Americana.

Play time!

I think this will be a fun summer game to play outdoors, or even in. 
Thank you to The Handmade Home for yet another inspiring idea!

The winner of the Shop Joyworks flag tank top is the writer of the blog,
preparing for two.


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