Thursday, April 2, 2015

~thrifty Thursday~{family name sign}

This is a really simple project.
All you need is a piece of wood.
I used a leftover piece of scaffolding from our closet project.
You will also need this spray paint, letters, I got mine at Hobby Lobby, liquid nails, and eye hooks found at your home improvement store.

Here's what my letters looked like before.
Like I mentioned, I got mine at Hobby Lobby and they were $3.99 each.

If you like the color, great! 
But I wanted mine a little darker, so the first thing I did was spray 2 coats of the rustoleum oil rubbed bronze paint on.

After those dried I used liquid nails to attach them to my piece of wood.
Make sure your wood is free of dust or any debris. 
The hardest part of this project is spacing the letters evenly and making sure they are straight.

If you look carefully at the photo below, you can see the eye hooks I used to hang them.
Make sure you get the right size for the amount of weight you are hanging.
Next up, I want to plant climbing white roses around this arbor! 

Happy Spring!


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