Thursday, April 9, 2015

~thrifty Thursday~{diy basketball hoop}

Did you catch this episode of Magnolia Farms?

There was this DIY basketball hoop that I fell in love with.

So I found some free pallets on the side of the road, loaded them up and brought them home.
They were a paint to get all the wood off in tact, but I managed to salvage enough wood from 2 pallets.

With that wood I made this frame:

Then I "filled in" the frame with the pallet boards cut to length.

Next came the task of finding an old hoop.
I went to about 100 different thrift shops looking, and nothing.
I searched craigslist and ebay but they were really expensive.
So, while talking out loud to myself one day about it, 
my son says, 
"oh, I just found one of those in the woods!"
 He then hauls in this basketball hoop.
Voila, sometimes things just fall into place.
I had found the net at a thrift shop while I was out looking for the hoop.

Naturally, I hung it in his room so he can play hoops from bed.
His reward for all his help :)

I just love it when projects turn out as planned!

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  1. Do you have instructions for HOW you made this cool backboard? What did you use to set the frame, or attach the pallet boards to the frame? Did you also add a couple small pieces to the back of the backboard for hanging purposes?