Thursday, October 31, 2013

~thrifty thursday~{& happy halloween}

I hope you all are ready for a night of trick or treating, or trick or treaters!
I know we are!

Todays thrifty Thursday project is a fun one.
Want to see what I started with?

I know right? I was almost embarrassed to buy it.
But I did, and when I got home I ripped everything off of it, and painted it with ASCP in cocoa.

I recently bought some antlers at a antique shop and wanted a piece of wood to mount them too.
This was the perfect shape!
But I couldn't leave it alone just yet.
Did you see the guest bathroom I just posted about with the paint by numbers?
Well, I decided to paint the plaque with a paint by number scene!
I scoured the web and found this darling one of a little house on a lake during the wintertime.

I gathered all my brushes and paints and went to work re-creating the scene on my plaque.
I didn't get it spot on, but I think it works, and definitely ties in with the other paint by numbers in
the bathroom.

The beauty of paint by numbers is that it doesn't have to look perfect.
Any imperfections or brush strokes, or globs of paint just add to the look.
After it was all dry I added the antlers and hung it up!

The only thing that's kinda a bummer is the cute little red house and barn
got covered up quite a bit when I added the antlers.
So, if you do this project, keep that in mind!

Have a wonderful Halloween!


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