Tuesday, October 8, 2013

~pumpkin carving sign tutorial~

This DIY is so easy, trust me, anyone can do this!
Here is how you can make this sign:

You will need a piece of wood. I found a large grey weathered piece at a salvage shop this weekend
in the free pile. You will also need letter stickers. I get mine at places like Office Max or Staples.
Clean off your piece of wood so it is free of dust and debris.
Next, pick a saying you want. In this case I chose
Cut out each letter from the sheets of stickers and position on your wood, but don't stick
them down yet. Right now you are just trying to figure out overall spacing.
It's helpful to use blue painters tape to ensure your letters end up in an even line.

After you have figured out the approximate spacing, you can stick your letters to the piece of wood. As you
can see in the photo, I added a piece of blue tape too either end to get an equal distance.

Press down on the letters to make sure they are sticking really well. Then using a small roller and
any paint leftover from other projects, paint a light coat over the entire piece.
Let dry.

When it's dry, peel off the letters. You will probably have a little paint bleed, but perfection is not the look
we are going for here. Use some sandpaper to rough it up, dust it off, then hang it up or put it on a shelf.

And just for fun, here's a few more dining room pictures:

I just got the slate blue jug from Joss and Main.
The wine barrel server was another DIY, and the instructions can be found here.

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