Thursday, October 24, 2013

~thrifty thursday~ {wine bottle vases}

I saw some cute glasses in a local shop that had
been made out of wine bottles. I thought it
was such a cute idea so I went out and bought a cutter and
got to work.

You can use a variety of colors, sizes, shapes.
The first step is to get those labels off.
I found this to be such a pain!
I tried several methods and finally used the method that
worked best for me.
I soaked them in hot water, peeled the label off,
and used goof off to remove the remainder of the sticky

This is the cutter I used.
It was about $30.00 at my local craft store.
I bought it because it is made specifically for wine bottles

Basically you just score your bottle where you want to cut and then alternate between boiling water and ice cube "baths."
The bottle will break off where you scored your line. Then using sandpaper, you go over the rough edges, and you're done!

You can not only use them as glasses, but also as vases as I did here.

Have a happy day!


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