Tuesday, December 16, 2014

~some fun before and afters of our master bedroom~

This was our master bedroom.
Yep, and this was even phase two.....
Sorry for the blurry photo, but I want to tell you what stayed and what went.

 Most everything in this room is from a thrift store. The bed, one nightstand {above} and cabinet that sits under the tv across from the bed were all bought matching at a big box store when we were in our 20's and didn't know better. 
After a re-do I had my photographer friend come take pictures with her wide angle lens.

It distorted the color though. I need to change up my photos on the house tour.
The real color is below.
It's graphite by Ben Moore.
I kept the bed because they were expensive and painted it.
Brought in bigger nightstands from Goodwill, painted to match the bed.
It is funny when you live with things for a while, the more you realize the necessities. For us in this small house, storage is key.
Painting the wood trim around the windows was huge. 
I am constantly changing bedding, but it usually remains white or cream.
I also removed the shades from the chandelier which I like a lot better.
The chandelier is from Restoration Hardware kids.

If you want to read about the diff. phases of this room, you can click, here and here.
Our Christmas tour is here if you'd like to take that.

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