Thursday, December 11, 2014

~thrifty Thursday~{a handmade home copycat}

So I was reading my friend Ashley's blog, The Handmade Home, and came across this great piece of art she made.
This girl is amazing I tell you.
I adore anything and everything she makes, decorates, bakes, etc. 
When I saw the art below I immediately started looking for a link on where to buy it.
Well, of course, turns out she made it.
Her tutorial can be found here.
I sent her a text asking her if she'd mind me copying it, in my own thrifty
way of course :)

So here is my version and it cost me 47 cents to make, and I'll show you how!

I had this old giant frame laying around.

I headed to my local craft store that has a die cut machine and cut out all the letters I needed.
I bought the following colors of paper, but you can use any colors to match your decor.

light pink
bright pink
light blue

I cut some green at first but didn't end up using them.
I also cut a few more letters than necessary so that when I got home and assembled it, I wouldn't have two letters in a row the same color.
When I got up to the register my total for the paper was $5.47.
I am in their program in their computer and it popped up that December is my birthday month so I got $5.00 off my purchase!
I happily paid my 47 cents and went on home.

I wasn't really thrilled about using the cardboard backing as my backdrop.
I really wanted white like Ashley's piece.
Keep in mind my frame is huge and I couldn't find any paper big enough.
I contemplated running back out to the office supply store and buying a piece of card stock, but I ended up getting thrifty and using the reverse side of a piece of wrapping paper.
After taping that on with double stick tape, I got to work taping my letters on.

I didn't really measure but I did lay it out ahead of time.

When it was done I popped it back in the frame and hung it up!

 I grew up watching It's A Wonderful Life every Christmas, so I especially love this saying.

Don't forget to head on over to Ashley's blog to see how she made hers!

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