Thursday, January 8, 2015

~industrial {not so} thrifty Thursday

I saw this picture on Pinterest and fell in love. I thought it was such a super cool idea.
I believe the photo is originally from here.

I have created the list of supplies you will need.
Please note that in mine I used a 3/4" 45 degree street elbow, but you can use a 90 degree, depending on the look you want.

Also, I spray painted mine in the end so that they won't rust.
If you want to make these, print off the image below and take it to your hardware store.
The bad part I found out, is that this thrifty Thursday project is not so thrifty.
These cost almost $30.00 each to make. 

I am more of a visual person so I put this step by step guide together for you.
 I figured it was easier than trying to explain it.
Each piece just screws into the next. You can assemble one of these in under 5 minutes.
Wear gloves if you don't want your hands to get greasy.
{another reason to spray paint when you are finished}

Happy thrifty Thursday friends.

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