Wednesday, January 14, 2015

~DIY ombre watercolor Valentine's banner~

Here is an easy little project for you for the upcoming holiday.
It's a watercolor banner and it can be made in under 30 minutes, start to finish.

 Start with 4 pieces of watercolor paper cut into a triangular shape.
You can make them any size you want.
I used a paper cutter for a more precise cut, but if you don't have one, scissors work just fine.

Next you will need letter stickers from the office supply store. These are vinyl stickers and are different from regular ones. They are reposition able and will not stick to the paper or tear it.
Pick a word. 
I chose love, and set your letters aside.

You will also need watercolor paints and watercolor pens.
{Pens optional}

Place one letter on each piece of paper, centering it.
I varied the fonts with mine.

Using a colored watercolor pencil that matches your paint choice, outline each letter.

Starting at the bottom, work your way up with the paint.
To get the ombre effect, put the paint on heavy at the bottom, 
mixing with more water as you work your way up.

Blot dry with paper towels if you are impatient like me. 
Then peel off your letter.

When they are dry, stack them up and punch holes in each corner.
Run twine or ribbon through and hang.


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