Wednesday, May 27, 2015

~before & after~

This is a before and after of another kind.
I know this is primarily a blog about pretty interiors and diy projects, but this was just too good not to share.

When something claims to be too good to be true, it usually is right?
Well, when a friend on my soccer team asked me if I would like to try some age defying night cream for 5 days I said, "that's ok I'll pass" 
I mean really, I have been happy with my Oil of Olay.
However, when I found out I could try it out for 5 days free, I jumped all over it.
So, in the parking lot at soccer she handed me a bottle and then snapped my photo of my eye area.
She told me to use it every night before bed
{it's just like a lotion you put on a damp face after your normal washing} 
and that she would take photos when I saw her 5 days later.

I went home with my before pictures, not thinking I looked all that bad,
used the night cream every night for 5 days and then met back up with her to give her the bottle back and get my "after" photos.

I swear these photos are not doctored!
This was only after 5 days!
My before and afters:

Not only did the lines around my eyes improve but look at my skin texture!
It shrank my pores, made my skin tone more even, and helped with sagging.
{sorry, these photos are really up close!}
I was seriously so impressed I bought a bottle and bought my mom a bottle for mothers day.

 When I gave a bottle to my mom I told her I wanted to take her before and after pictures as well.
These were her results after only 7 days.
First, the right side of her face.
Look at her wrinkles getting smaller and the puffiness and sagging has gone down tremendously!

 And now for the left side of her face:
I think the photos speak for themselves.
I cannot wait to take her picture a month in!
I am so impressed with this product that I had to share on here!
I have never used anything that even comes close to delivering these results this fast. 
Every morning when I wake up I feel like I just had a face lift.

If you would like to get your own click here.
It's called Nerium age defying night cream.
It's a one step, once a day lotion that you rub all over your clean face before bed.
It is spend, but cheaper if you sign up for a monthly bottle, which is what I am doing.
You can cancel at anytime and there is a money back guarantee if for some reason you react to it.
My mom and I both have super sensitive skin though and have had not 
one negative thing to say about it.

Back tomorrow with Thrifty Thursday!

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