Tuesday, May 12, 2015

~how to get the Restoration Hardware look on a budget~

It was really great to hear your feedback on this home decorated like a Restoration Hardware catalog.

I think we all agreed that it was pretty but a little over the top.
It was missing personal touches and that lived in feeling.
And can you imagine how much money it would cost to decorate your house exclusively from Restoration Hardware?

After this post I thought that it would be fun to pick a room in my house and decorate it with the Restoration Hardware look, but not necessarily with everything from their store.
So, I did. I chose my dining room and the best part is that I did not spend a dime.
Here is how I did it.
The neutral walls help.
If you flip through a Restoration Hardware catalog you will notice that all the walls are neutral, whether they are light or dark, there are no bright colors on the walls.
The color of our dining room is Swiss Coffee by Behr.

All of our chairs are actually from Restoration Hardware. We are lucky enough to have an outlet near us which I frequent often.
However, you can find similar chairs here and here.

Botanicals are huge in creating this look.

You can read the story about mine here.
They are actual flower pressings from the early 1800's.
You can find similar free printables here.

Keep things neutral but add in tons of texture.
These beat up vintage leather suitcases do the trick and they can double as storage.

To add a bit of French flair I added this simple arrangement to the table.
The pot was outdoors and I simply brought it in and planted Spanish Lavender in it and placed Spanish moss around the top.
This is pretty much the only color in the room.
Everything from this centerpiece can be found at Home Depot.

To style the bookshelves I ripped covers off of vintage books and stacked them every which way.
I added a bit of greenery with boxwood planted in this urn.

I just finished this tortoise shell. 
If you missed the post, you can read about it here.
I framed a plant description that goes with the botanicals.
Tutorial for this system coming Thursday!

On the shelves I added a lot of concrete pieces.
The DIY for these spheres here.

This was super simple, I just rolled up sheet music and tied with twine and placed in a thrifted silver bowl.

One thing I didn't get a photo of was this knock off subway art which is still one of my favorite things.

I hope you can take away some inspiration from this post on decorating your home in this style without spending a small fortune.


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