Thursday, May 28, 2015

~thrifty thursday~ {put a fork in it}

I was cleaning out our garden shed and decided we had one too many of the same thing.
So….. I decided to put this old pitchfork to use.

Before, plain old pitchfork:

After: directional sign which can be easily moved or taken down after party:

So, if you are having a get together and need to show where different activities are, get out some scrap wood, or use new, and paint the wording on.
Nail to the pitchfork and stick in the ground.
Easy peasy.

Like I said before, you can use scrap wood, but new works just as well.
You really don't even need to paint the wood first.
You can freehand arrows on each piece, or cut the ends to form a arrow using a saw set to a 45 degree angle.

For the wording I used sticker letters from the office supply store.
I have used these on numerous projects, they are a staple in my craft studio.

Simply stick them on and use a pencil to trace around.

Peel off and fill in with the color paint of your choice.

After it's dry you can rough up the lettering with sandpaper if you wish.

These do not have to be perfect, my kind of project!
I made these for when we have backyard bbq's and get togethers this summer.
When the time comes, I will get it out and stick it in the ground!


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