Thursday, May 21, 2015

~thrifty thursday~fab furniture find

I am sure you know by now how I love to go to thrift stores.
There's something about finding that special unique item and hauling it home.
Most items need either a little work, a make over, or make under, but I am happy to do just that.

I want to show you this piece that I picked up recently at Value Village for under $100.00.
When looking at furniture at thrift stores, don't be intimidated by their color or hardware. That can all be easily changed.
With so many paints to choose from now days that require no sanding or priming, things are so much easier.

Instead look at the character each piece has.

The details,
How easily the drawers slide open and closed.

I decided not to paint this piece.
Instead over the course of 2 days I sanded it down to raw wood.
I removed all the hardware and replaced with wooden knobs
{ran 2 short, another trip back to the store!}

I still might wax it but I'd like to keep the color.
I could not have got around all that detail without this sander.
Lifesaver to say the least!
It has a tip that you can add on to get into really tight places and unlike my other sanders, the sandpaper is pre cut and velcros on!

I am still unsure if I will keep these knobs or do old white porcelain ones.

Can't wait for you to see this in place all styled up!

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