Saturday, January 18, 2014

~pantry made with Ikea bookshelves~

Our pantry in our kitchen is the size of a regular closet. When we first added it, we chose wire shelving.
That quickly became old because things would tip over and it was just a giant mess.
It just so happened that 2 Ikea billy bookshelves fit perfectly.

I like how everything is all neat and tidy now. I recently made a trip to the store and loaded up on matching glass canisters. I think this makes a huge difference.
It's so easy now when I am baking, I can see everything clearly.

Another thing I bought was inexpensive white stacking bins. They keep all the kids snacks separated and it makes making school lunches a breeze.

I found some cute pantry labels online that I was going to use for my glass canisters, but I needed pretty specific ones, so I made my own.
I started with this floral design {thank you Shabby Blogs!} and went from there. I bought sticker paper at the office supply store and printed them at home on my printer. If you are going to do this I highly recommend "reposition-able" sticker paper. There's nothing nothing worse than having to scrape sticker residue off glass, am I right?

And, just for you lovelies, I am including all the ones I made, for you to print and use!
Just copy them into a word document, size them accordingly, and print!

Enjoy them!

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