Thursday, January 23, 2014

~thrifty thursday~

I just realized that most of my thrifty Thursday projects have been painting related.
Since I am sure not all of you are painters, or even have interest in painting, I will try to vary my future projects.

But, for today, I regret to tell you that this one is, yet again, another painting project.

I saw this print at Anthropologie and instantly fell in love.
{for those of you that do not paint, you can always just buy the print!}

I thought it would be fun to try and paint my own, so I set out to find a perfect canvas to paint on.
This is what I found at my local thrift shop:

I remember how much I loved this book when Savannah was a baby. Very sweet print, but not really what I need at this stage in my life.
So, I painted it with a coat of Annie Sloan pure white paint and let my creativity do the rest!
The end result is fun.
It's bright and cheery.
Yes, mine looks more like a paint by number but it's still fun.
What do you think?

Shall we do a before and after?


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